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REEVO is an international collective project that since 2012 promotes the collaborative construction of knowledge and networks about alternative on learning and unconventional educational experiences from a critical, collaborative, open and non-commercial perspective.

REEVO is about Networked Alaternatives.

Documenting and Mapping experiences

We promote collective research based on the identification, systematization and visibility of initiatives, projects and experiences where alternative learning and non-conventional educational processes take place in Latin America and the world.

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Press materials observatory

We are interested in knowing and collecting what is published in the press and mainstream media about the issues that matter to us: alternative education, critical pedagogies, de-schooling, learning in and social movements, among others. This collective register functions as a tool to account for the discursivities that circulate in the present, but also operates as a historical m

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Audiovisual archive

Collectively we build a repository of films, shorts and significant audiovisual material that in one way or another address topics such as education, school, learning, parenting ',' childhood ', among others. Our intention is not limited to registering the existing materials, but also aim to make them available to everyone.

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Events and meetings

We keep track of the various meetings, conferences and events around the world that address our topics of interest. We are interested in making future events visible, but also providing a documentation of the results, records and conclusions thereof.

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