About us

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REEVO is a collective international project started in 2012 that promotes the construction of networks in Latin America and the world about dissident learning methods, critical pedagogies and alternative educational practices.

We make visible experiences, schools, projects and actors in the field of education from collective processes. REEVO works as a common space for the collaborative construction of knowledge around the general theme of Alternatives in learning and education.

We currently build this web platform as a commmons. All the information available in it is built collectively under the logic of the "wiki culture" and is based on the following REEVO principles:

Our design principles

CRITIC: we seek to build a well-documented and referenced body of knowledge, while contributing to building a critical vision of "alternative education",

PARTICIPATORY: Any person can contribute and improve the contents that this communal acquis.

NON-COMMERCIAL: all content is offered at no direct or indirect cost. There is no advertising or paid content. We visibilize and critically address all forms of commodification of knowledge.

OPEN: the contents are published under a free license of the Copyleft type, allowing its free circulation and readptation by all.

FREE SOFTWARE and OPEN SOURCE: all the technologies and software tools we use are based on free technologies, in order to combat the monopolization of information and strengthen the autonomy of the communities that nurture and use this communal approach.


Our political ideology

Since the origin of REEVO we have documented, promoted and made visible the enormous diversity of alternative, innovative and socially transformative educational experiences. We position ourselves critically in the face of the phenomenon of Alternative Education, seeking to promote and strengthen those spaces that we understand tending towards social justice, the confrontation with the dominant powers and the questioning of the Western, patriarchal, anthropocentric and capitalist hegemonic model.

We practice a collective, reflexive, self-critical, non-commercial and critical doing of all forms of property (intellectual or material). REEVO is a collective tool at the service of action research with grassroots organizations, practitioners of direct and collective action, social movements, countercultural initiatives and other expressions of resistance that subsist without reproducing the dominant structures of the Market and the State.

We believe that other way of learning are possible and necessary for other possible worlds.