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Riseglobe offers students possibility to choose their optimal environment to study. This belief led to the development of Rise Semester which aims to hold a space for student’s growth while completing semester. As an ultimate environment for all students does not exist, Riseglobe has developed through its value frame a

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Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil (Rua Santos Dumont 36, Morro da Mariquinha, Centro), Florianópolis, SC, Brasil BR

Inicio 2017
Corrientes pedagógicas
Enfoques temáticos
Nivel socio-económico Medio
Social context ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-hospitalario,comunidad⧽
Cantidad de participantes 0
Nivel educativo y etario
Tipo de organización ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-⧽
Tipo de gestión ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-⧽
Tipo de educación ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-formal,informal,noformal⧽
¿Ofrece certificación oficial/formal? No
¿Es arancelada? ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-⧽
¿Tiene fines de lucro? Si
⧼rv-experiencia:info-voluntariadol⧽ En parte
¿Es un proyecto virtual o en línea? En parte

27° 35' 41.53" S, 48° 32' 53.59" W medio

hospitalario,comunidad"hospitalario,comunidad" is not in the list (urbano, rural, encierro, domiciliario, hospitalario) of allowed values for the "Experiencia:info-contextosocial" property. 0 formal,informal,noformal"formal,informal,noformal" is not in the list (formal, noformal, informal) of allowed values for the "Experiencia:info-tipoeducacion" property. no


parcial www.riseglobe.org 1904 5487


Our program is dedicated to the development of meaningful paths and the success of student’s study choice. We aim to tackle one of today’s biggest challenges which is the lack of evolution of our educational system and methodology throughout the last decades. Our contribution to the educational market is our share of knowledge, insight, action taking and social impact development. We focus our energy on the development of educational opportunities for every student to find their authentic way within our society.


Riseglobe is the academic branch of Rosemary Dream empowerment center. It's been developed through the founder's vision: A time for students from all around the world to take responsibility for their education and jump on the path of a purposeful education. An education without norms defined by society, only a space for youth to discover and experience life whilst growing and gaining practical knowledge.