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The Soil Project is an alternative to university and educational model/project supporting to acquiesce university degrees from the United States. The Soil Project is also an efficient combination of alternative educational models such as unschooling, homeschooling, traveling school, gap year and non-traditional university programs.

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Nguyen Thien Thuat (, ), Kon Dơng,, Tỉnh Gia Lai, Vietnam VN

Inicio 2017
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The Soil Project was emerged for the sake of completely changing the way that education has been happened including philosophy, educational goals, content and learning methods and even credentials. As a result, learners can not only keep up with the development trend of uncertain world nowadays, but also are conveyed a real education, which creates freeman (the fact that people are free certainly, ‘to encourage people to be free’ is more exactly) contributing to society and sustainable communities



Prácticas o acciones principales

Participating in The Soil Project, the learners (seeds) will live together in a boarding school and learn related subjects by self-directed methods or study with mentors. In addition, learners can be joined in projects in other companies,or schools, or learn on the internet for the time being. While The Soil Project focuses on building yourself basing on essential foundations in the first year, you will have a wide range of opportunities to travel to explore and learn from the outside world in the second one.

Fundamentos teóricos

As it sounds, to be inspired by Soil, The Soil Project believes that education likes breeding and nourishing a growing tree. To be more precise, Soil (ie communities, environment, schools) is essential basement for seeds implying the learners. That is the reason why learners of The Soil Project will be called growing SEEDS. The way that the young trees/ seeds grow is free and natural, soil cannot interfere and shape… Soil is responsible for creating a basement (holistic learning & basic knowledge) for trees and supplying sufficient nutrients (resources) so that they can grows by their own ways. Therefore, The Soil Project is a free learning environment where the learners/seeders are free to choose and decide by themselves, independent in learning and creating curriculums together, not be imposed and framed by anyone else.