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UnaVision is aiming for a better "world in balance". Our goals are to really, really make a difference in our own lives, our communities and our environment by joining rural regions with like minded people. These people are actively involved in co-developing and implementing prototypes for a systemic change in our social, ecological, cultural and economic living environment. We foster the new work philosophy, project based learning, eco-social entrepreneurship, economy oft common goods and sociocratic governance. We take responsibility for the environment and the inclusion and dignity of people of different gender, age, educational background, races and beliefs. We support a viable international framework and transparency of all activities and results.

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15328 Küstriner Vorland, Germany (Baumschulenweg, ), , Brandenburg, Alemania DE

Inicio 2013
Corrientes pedagógicas
Enfoques temáticos
Nivel socio-económico Medio
Social context ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-rural,comunidad⧽
Cantidad de participantes 0
Nivel educativo y etario
Tipo de organización ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-⧽
Tipo de gestión ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-⧽
Tipo de educación No formal
¿Ofrece certificación oficial/formal? No
¿Es arancelada? ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-⧽
¿Tiene fines de lucro? No
⧼rv-experiencia:info-voluntariadol⧽ No
¿Es un proyecto virtual o en línea? No

52° 33' 57.59" N, 14° 34' 19.75" E medio

rural,comunidad"rural,comunidad" is not in the list (urbano, rural, encierro, domiciliario, hospitalario) of allowed values for the "Experiencia:info-contextosocial" property. 0 noformal no


no www.unavision.eu 1876 5447


building up "Being Space Region" communities to revitilize rural areas and to learn, work and live prototypes of future living.


co-created during a caravan of change in the years 2012-2013. Prototypes were started in the Balkans in a combination of learning journeys and workshops.

Prácticas o acciones principales

project based learning, hiking dialogs, learning journeys and workshops

Fundamentos teóricos

New Work, project based learning, action research, transformative learning

Información adicional

please write to johannes.pfister@thinkcamp.eu