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We are a small progressive school for children aged between 2 and 16 years old. We have informalised staff-student relationships built on genuine mutual respect. Our senior school holds a weekly school parliament, and much of the curriculum time is devoted to interest-led learning. We seek to always ensure active and meaningful student voice coupled with significant levels of autonomy and freedom for pupils.

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Oxford Montessori Schools - Forest Farm School, Elsfield, Oxford OX3 9UW, UK (B4027, Beckley and Stowood), South OxfordshireSouth East, England, Reino Unido GB

Inicio 1990
Corrientes pedagógicas
Enfoques temáticos
Nivel socio-económico Medio
Social context Rural
Cantidad de participantes 30
Nivel educativo y etario
Tipo de organización ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-⧽
Tipo de gestión ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-⧽
Tipo de educación Formal
¿Ofrece certificación oficial/formal? Si
¿Es arancelada? ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-⧽
¿Tiene fines de lucro? ⧼rv-experiencia:respuesta-⧽
⧼rv-experiencia:info-voluntariadol⧽ No
¿Es un proyecto virtual o en línea? No

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