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Playgroup, Preschool, Young K - K, & 1st-5th Grades

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Gladstone, Peapack and Gladstone, NJ 07934, USA (Mendham Road 20,), Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey, Estados Unidos US

Inicio 2002
Corrientes pedagógicas
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Nivel socio-económico Medio
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Cantidad de participantes 30
Nivel educativo y etario
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Tipo de educación Formal
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Our programs integrate traditional subject areas of fine arts, foreign languages, literature, social studies, mathematics, physical education, and the natural world in a cooperative, not competitive, environment. Folktales, rounds, and traditional songs are part of our daily activities. It is academics and art in daily communion.

Children have the opportunity in the morning for uninterrupted free play. They are encouraged to begin their play by simple suggestions from their teachers. They develop their imaginations by building and creating environments, using silks, wool, wooden play structures, handmade dolls, and blocks.


The Cottage School was founded by the school’s director, Laura Soulages, an educator for the past 25 years, whose experience ranges from early childhood to college level.The Cottage School is based on Soulages’s education received at home, as well as two decades of experience as a teacher and the training received at the Argentinean teachers college known as Instituto Superior Roberto Themis Speroni, of which Ms. Soulages is a graduate. This Institute offers training in education with an emphasis on experiential learning and on the creative experience in all the fields of art. The formal origins of this Institute were established approximately 50 years ago in Argentina by Dorothy Ling, a respected expert on music and education.

Prácticas o acciones principales

The Cottage School designs its own curriculum and play-based teaching materials, integrating arts, and academics in all the traditional subjects. It uses developmentally appropriate activities to teach without traditional tests, grades, or textbooks. Textbooks can provide facts but are oftentimes shallow, outdated, or one-sided, lacking perspective and varied viewpoints. The teachers create a flexible and dynamic interaction generated by a teacher–student-centered class time.

Fundamentos teóricos

The Cottage School develops a love of learning, free of pressure and sustained by a spirit of discovery at a pace that accompanies the students. The teachers respect and feed the child's innate sense of curiosity, fostering a life-long passion for learning. Children naturally seek information and our school honors children's natural abilities to "learn from the whole.” We immerse the students in the subject of study (not just the foreign languages), allowing the children to process large quantities of interrelated information to interpret, solve, and construct conclusions on their own.

Información adicional

Born and raised in South America, Ms. Soulages grew up with a rich diversity of cultures and was influenced by the European traditions handed down by her grandparents, who were from Spain and France. Her parents, both scientists and artists, showed Laura the importance and pleasures of a good education, and this joy of learning is an important aspect of The Cottage School’s philosophy. “I grew up in a house that had a chemistry laboratory in one room and, in the other rooms, books, a piano, paints, papers, and paintbrushes,” says Soulages. “Music and dance were part of our family life as well… I was nurtured from an environment where the academics/science and the arts were truly in a daily communion.”

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