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Open Enterprise Space main purpose is a new and integral Education path.

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Inicio 2013
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Cantidad de participantes 30
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Open Enterprise Space is an international educational platform for 21st century entrepreneurship. It was fire started by Mikele Ferra, a serial entrepreneur who set up over 20 companies all over the world. Together with educational innovators and young entrepreneurs in several countries he started OES as necessary addition to educational programs in entrepreneurship.

OES is thus also an international network and company. Since India and Brazil are both booming countries and the first to get ignited by the OES idea, they started cooperation early on. OES has relationships with:

  • a network of mentors from very diverse countries and backgrounds.
  • a diverse set of companies and entrepreneurs where participants can get knowledge, networks and perhaps assignments from.
  • other (alternative) educations, who as OES are designing education for our future.

Fundamentos teóricos

Traditional schools train people to achieve specific goals, to integrate into an existing professional environment. It is based on individual excellence and competitiveness. The school of the future must prepare people to create their own professional horizon in a world that is rapidly changing and making many of the traditional teachings obsolete. This new education is based on collaborative thinking as opposed to individualistic competitiveness, it will encourage creativity and personal spiritual fulfillment as opposed to only material and professional achievements. It is a holistic approach to education not a traditional subject based curriculum. It focuses on relational information and practical experimentation not traditional theoretical knowledge. The school of the future needs to develop a new human being because the important question we ask is: who do we want to be? what kind of humanity do we want to prepare? As we answer these questions, we understand the need for a balanced approach between work and non-work, between the material experience and the spiritual and intangible component of living.

Most schools offer knowledge based upon models and convictions grounded in research, often also with convictions as starting points. We find that for this century and for modern entrepreneurs that will not do anymore. The current state of the world needs people who can and dare to act in entrepreneurial ways. This cannot be thought within the existing frames. For this we need a whole new kind of education, which has become OES.

Through his international work Mikele, OES model designer and mentor, got both a global overview most people rarely have of how our world is changing and insights into what is needed to adapt and even make a positive difference.Having knowledge or the experience to do so are two very different things. We believe that aside from knowledge, many people lack in the insight, flexibility and strength to make do in chaotic and complex settings.

Thus OES is not a normal school. It focuses on creating learning experiences that build a stronger and more loving character and increases each persons capability to act. It helps to build relationships and projects in chaotic settings, across cultural gaps. You'll meet and learn to work in settings and with people you'd otherwise would never have met. And yes, there will be some methods and tools.

Prácticas y acciones principales

Our future economy will be both global and local, therefore we expect our participants to be proficient in making business happen in both challenging and booming locations. That's why we let you experience what it means to start up in locations, that cannot be taken for granted. In each case we start in nature and later move to a global city to develop the essential skills to make it everywhere.

THE LEARNING Is it an education or a training? Yes, and no. Yes, it's designed to make you learn. No, is not a school. Develop strength, smartness, people skills on a deeper level, by learning in and from a reality beyond your comfort zone. OES works through a mix of assignments, from local entrepreneurs, specialists or from the team and (coached) space for self development. These assignments are experience driven to grow inner wisdom, courage and possibility.
Aside from the program each participant will be mentored by a one of our special mentor team. Some will focus more on the personal, others on business practicalities.
And at the end of the 2 months you'll have started up, you'll have a network and you'll have a new way to look at the world and your possibilities in it.

RESULTS What will you develop through OES:
*A Start-Up, or Expansion of your own business, across borders.
*Have changed from an individual mindset to a community mindset.
*Developed friends and community, both within the group and across boundaries.
*The Strength, Courage and Love to make things work anywhere, anytime and with anyone.
*New essential ways to look at business, the world and at your place in it.
*An active pioneering attitude focussed on making things happen.

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