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Talking Stick Learning Center is a non-profit educational initiative that offers young people an environment in which to explore, collaborate, and create. The Talking Stick method organically develops essential life skills such as decision making, creative problem solving, communication, self-management, and critical thinking. Its a Homeschooling resource center.

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1 Awbury Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Estados Unidos US

Inicio 2006
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We provide a safe and supportive space that respects the individual and nurtures children's innate curiosity and desire to learn. We believe young people not only deserve but need to be part of organizations that nourish curiosity, rather than quench it. That operate from an understanding that self-directed learning is more meaningful and thus more deeply internalized than an externally imposed education. That recognize the advantages of collaboration over competition. That make it acceptable to take risks and encourage the trial and error that comes with genuine problem-solving. That give the time and space necessary for true creativity and innovation. That stimulate complex and critical thinking through authentic interactions and experiences. And where effective communication is clearly modeled and actively taught. We have been offering programs for homeschoolers ages 4 to 17 since 2006. Please check out our current offerings for children ages 4 to 10 years, and children ages 10 to 17 years, and for teenagers ages 13 to 17.

Fundamentos teóricos

Learning Comes Naturally Talking Stick Learning Center is based on the idea that the ability to learn is innate. We are born with the drive to experience the world around us, including relationships with other people, and apply our experiences to make decisions about what we want to do in the world.

Decision Making Opportunities Develop Self-Direction Participants choose what to do when, with whom, where and how. Adult facilitators ensure that activities are safe, instruct when invited, and coach communication skills.

Experiential Learning Integrates Information We learn well with our hands and our bodies. Instead of only studying ideas in theory, we practice them in reality. Through building, creating, and acting, we develop an understanding of math concepts, practice hand writing, and experience the laws of physics.

Group Learning Experiences Foster Collaboration Working together helps us develop positive communications ksils, understand our roles in group dynamics, and experience the power of the group to achieve what the lone individual cannot.

Conflict Resolution Coaching Improves Communication Skills Conflict is an opportunity for growth and relationship building. When others model empathy and understanding, we learn to practice techniques that help us to figure out how to all get what we are wanting. Our process includes recognizing and expressing feelings and needs clearly.

Problem Solving Experiences Boost Self Esteem Practicing thinking skills involves exploring a concept from different perspectives, recognizing patterns, making connections, and developing multiple solutions for solving problems and reaching goals. Healthy self-esteem is integral to approaching challenges with an open, creative attitude.

A Variety Of Ages Expands The Learning Process People of all ages learn from one another. Chronologic age can be a factor in compatibility but more important are personalities, levels of development, and types of interests. Our activities can be scaled up or down. People learn much about expected behaviors by modeling the behaviors of their elders and peers. We also learn by watching others practice skills and activities we may want to try.

Inclusivity Statement Talking Stick Learning Center seeks to create a learning environment that fosters respect for people across identities. We welcome and value individuals and their differences. Explicit recognition of diversity is understood as a source of strength. It is from the intersection of our differences that we learn from one another and see our complex world from new and informed perspectives.

Prácticas y acciones principales

Talking Stick offers all that and more in an environment free from grading, and testing. Participants are excited to be here, and at the close of the day, are in a healthy, happy, and more wholesome frame of mind, having spent the day actively engaged. We have found that children flourish in freedom. At Talking Stick young people are leaders, thinkers, and creators, not only prepared to take their role as citizens of the 21st century but as innovators of that future.

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